Regarding imgdino.com, imgtiger.com, imgserve.net, imgzap.com:

We are very sorry to inform our users that since May 28, 2015, our network has to close its doors. We will disable new user registrations and we will disable affiliate program for existing users. Websites will continue to load and serve originally uploaded content, we will not take them down.

Since 2012, we have provided the best service possible to everyone, doing the best we could to keep everyone happy. Today, we are very proud to be one of the top imagehosting networks on the market, and to say that we have always been honest with our users regarding earnings, views, and payouts.

This decision was made because at this moment it became very difficult for us to keep maintaining the network and keep being profitable (hard to believe but true), and unlike many other projects, we announce our news and we give our users time to collect their money.

You will have until Wednesday 3 to cash out all pending earnings, and we will pay you all. Please login to your account and request payments accordingly.

We appreciate all our loyal users, maybe sometime in the future we will re-open! If this is the case, we will keep you posted. You can always still reach us at any of our contact forms, we are always happy to read your feedback.


Lucas and Lucas,

CEOs and Founders of IMG Network.

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